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PPC Management

At Ripple Growth Marketing, we are proud to be recognized as a leading PPC Management Agency in Upstate New York. We utilize best-in-class methods and technologies to deliver outstanding results for our clients. Our team has the knowledge and experience to design high quality Ads across Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other digital channels. Before executing our PPC Campaign Management Services, we perform research and analysis to ensure we design campaigns that connect with your target audience, generate conversions, and improve your return on investment (ROI) over time.  Research is further used to create ads with high-quality scores and on-going analysis is conducted to ensure the quality scores are further optimized over time to achieve reduced cost per click charges.  By improving quality scores and honing in on the right target audience, the client’s marketing ROI is improved over time with more conversions at lower costs.

Full PPC Campaign Management

  • Our Mission: Generate $10 in revenue for our clients for every $1 they spend on marketing.

  • Our Objective: Ensure target audiences call our clients before calling the competition.

  • Our Goal:  Save clients time and money by designing and managing their marketing.

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Our Process of PPC Management

Being the preferred PPC Management Agency in Upstate New York, we leverage lessons learned from years of experience for every client’s campaign. We spend the time to understand client needs, wants, and expectations, and then we design campaigns around it. This helps both parties understand the elements of the campaign, how expectations are established, and how results will be monitored and optimized to achieve desired results. Ripple Growth Marketing specializes in PPC Campaign Management Services in Upstate New York and will funnel prospects from the internet to your phone, email or place of business. Prospect engagement is recorded and monitored through Google Analytics, and this data is dissected to provide insights around enhancing what is working and eliminating what is wasteful to drive improved marketing ROI over time.


Effective SEO Campaign

Ripple Growth Marketing is also the preferred Search Engine Marketing Company in Upstate New York. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) employs PPC and SEO strategies, methods and technologies. PPC is a paid and controlled marketing method a business can turn on and off at will, and SEO is a non-paid organic marketing method that establishes a long-term position for a business looking to stay in front of their target audience over time without paying PPC charges. We pride ourselves on having the most experienced SEO experts in the field. Our specialists examine your products and services, examine your target audience & geographies, and conduct rigorous analysis prior to executing the SEM campaign. We conduct extensive research and down-select dedicated keyword phrases that tie to your target audience preferences, and design a results-based campaign that is optimized week after week. Being a reliable Search Engine Marketing Company in Upstate New York, we provide timely reports so campaign ranking performance is clear and transparent to the client.


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