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Writing a marketing plan can be frustrating and paralyzing when evaluating all the complicated options available today. With so many strategies, technologies, and systems integration requirements and constraints, many business managers either waste countless hours and money on poor quality marketing campaigns or simply give-up.  Not having a well written marketing strategy to reference will result in an opportunity cost to a business and give the competition a huge advantage when competing for market share.  Using internet marketing enables a business to effortlessly generate leads and sell products on-line without personal engagement. Ripple Growth Marketing offers comprehensive Marketing Plan Writing Services with an emphasis on digital marketing at an affordable price.

Our Unique Approach

Our approach is to understand what makes your business stand out among the competition, then design a holistic marketing campaign that caters to your business’s needs, wants, and expectations.  Utilizing our methods, technologies, and teams enables your business to be in front of your target audience when they search to learn about or purchase the products and services you offer.

  • Our Mission: Generate $10 in revenue for every $1 spent on marketing.
  • Our Objective: Ensure target audiences call our clients before calling the competition.
  • Our Goal:  Save clients time and money by designing, managing and optimizing their marketing.
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It All Starts with Competitive Analysis

Over 85% of the American population uses Google’s search engine technology to conduct research prior to purchasing a new product, new service, or switching service suppliers. Our competitive assessments are used to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities between you and your competition, and our marketing plan allows your business to leverage these insights to generate leads and sales strategically. A holistic marketing plan is a must have for any business looking to sell products or services on-line at the national or local level. The marketing plan not only tells you what to do, but also gives you scope, pricing, and schedule insights to help you budget accordingly while setting realistic expectations.  Ripple Growth Marketing is committed to offering effective Marketing Plan Writing Services that is based on the needs, wants, and expectations of your business.


Strategic Marketing Plan

Marketing plan writing is the most frustrating, time-consuming, and difficult step in the marketing process. Managers who do not have knowledge and experience required to generate an effective plan will get stuck in the rut of analysis paralysis and are sure to feel the need to either start a campaign with a “hope and pray” mentality or give up on the idea all together.  Let Ripple Growth Marketing generate an effective marketing plan, so you can spend your time optimizing the more important areas of your business that promote improved operational productivity and profits.  We pride ourselves on partnering with companies who are time and money constrained but have the need to grow their businesses using internet marketing. Give us a call to learn more and get a free consultation to evaluate a potential fit between us.


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